Pension in Cape Verde..?

First Review Pension Services | Cape Verde

Now officially dissolved as of the 12th Sept 2017, First Review Pension Services Limited operated from it’s Derbyshire offices, and appears to have generated huge numbers of phone calls, appointments and other marketing efforts in order to organise pension reviews, together with another firm, Lifestyle Connections.

While a pension review should include as many suitable options as needed in an unbiased manner, BBC’s Panorama program on July 11 2016 unraveled how First Review Pension Services was set up to be the “sales and marketing arm” of The Resort Group – a non-FCA regulated and high-risk hotel investment in Cape Verde.

Using undercover filming techniques, the Panorama program showed how one consultant within the group said that “all of the options I deal with involve The Resort Group”...

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The Resort Group & First Review Pension Services

The Resort Group has been a bit of a problem investment for some investors, many of which it has now become clear should never have been advised to invest in it in the first place. 

Based in the Cape Verde islands in otherwise stunning areas such as Dunas Beach, the investment is NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and therefore should only be recommended to people who can both understand and afford the risks involved in non-standard investments, including the lack of compensation for problems with the investment itself.

Get Claims Advice has been dealing with cases where The Resort Group was sold to SIPP investors who shouldn't have invested for some time, rescuing their retirement funds with winning claims, and if you're looking to discover whether you can make a claim over your own Resort Group Investment, simply use our FREE pension advice checker - we'll call you back to see if we can help!