Pension Mis-selling Eggs-Plained

We understand your pension could be confusing for you - they're pretty complex!

But with a little help from our eggs-cellent analogy, you could discover more about your SIPP, and whether it was the right choice for you...

Pensions Eggs-plained

A mis-sold SIPP or SIPP investment can be eggscruciatingly (you can see where we're going with this) difficult to understand without the right help, and just as difficult to identify if you don't know what you're looking for.

But if YOU think you can smell a rotten egg in your pension advice, then we can help you understand it, and if you HAVE been mis-sold, we may be able to help you get your nest-egg back with winning claim.

Do YOU know the eggsact details of your SIPP?

Do YOU have a SIPP or SSAS? Then it's time to look at your investments...

How your SIPP or SSAS works

Both SIPP and SSAS type pensions work differently from normal pension schemes, and it's the first thing you need to understand before working out if you have been mis-sold.

Normal Personal Pensions

With a normal personal pension, the funds your money is invested in are managed by your pension provider, and regulated by the FCA. Great for people who don't have the skills or knowledge to manage their own pension fund

A safe-tidy nest-egg, protected by the FSCS in a similar way to your bank account in-case things go wrong.


A Self-Invested Personal Pension is just that - it's yours and yours alone, meaning that you probably don't have anybody looking over your shoulder telling you what to do with your money, where to invest it.

A SIPP allows investments in both REGULATED and UNREGULATED, and it's up to YOU to manage them.


A Small Self-Administrated Scheme is similar to a SIPP in that it puts YOU in the driving seat in terms of what your money gets invested in, REGULATED or UNREGULATED, win or lose.

These schemes are often held by the self-employed, and usually require a Sophisticated Investor at the helm

Unregulated and Regulated Investments


While it might not have been explained to you when your financial adviser suggested your SIPP or SSAS pension, there's a huge difference between having investments REGULATED by the Financial Conduct Authority, and investments that are UNREGULATED

Regulated by the FCA

FCA regulated funds have the Financial Conduct Authority peering over their shoulder to better ensure compliance and guard against negligence and mis-conduct. 

These funds are often backed up by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if things go wrong, as well as having Ombudsman help available.

Unregulated by the FCA

While not illegal (usually), unregulated investments DON'T have the FCA looking over their shoulder, nor do investors have help from the Ombudsman or the FSCS compensation pot if they fail.

For this reason, they are considered HIGH RISK INVESTMENTS

Outcome in event of fraud, administration or liquidation:

Your pension is protected

Outcome in event of fraud, administration or liquidation:

Your pension could be lost...

Eggs-amples of the Unregulated SIPP & SSAS investments

'Click' your investment to discover more

Investigating your pension: The rotten egg search

Investing your SIPP or SSAS pension for rotten-eggs needn't be a difficult affair. 

Our pension Egg-Heads at Get Claims Advice are specialists when it comes to checking your nest egg, and can often quickly spot the cracks in the shell during the course of a FREE initial assessment.

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Should we find cause for concern, we'll help you explore it, explaining just what happened, and what can be done about it. Should you wish to proceed with your claim, we operate on a NO WIN - NO FEE* basis, ensuring that we don't get paid unless you do.

Don't worry about ruffling a few feathers with your claim. We handle that side of things too, and we're well aware we might have to break a few eggs to make your omelette, but as long as we're doing right by you, and get you the justice you deserve, we're happy in our work.

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