Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.1          At Get Claims Advice, we try to keep the data we collect to a minimum, but running a website comes with a few added extras we need to cover to ensure you know just what happens with your data.

1.2          Cookies

Use of the website means that we collect ‘cookies’ from your session, just like nearly every other website out there!

We will ask your permission to collect cookies when you first enter the site (a bar will drop down at the top). If you are not happy with us collecting this information you should avoid the website, or call 01204 205061 to obtain our services without this information being taken automatically.

This data is collected anonymously, and features things like:

  • Your location by country and city
  • What device you are using (mobile/desktop etc)
  • What you did on the website (which buttons you clicked, what you might have read)
  • How you found the website (Google, Facebook, an advert)
  • How you left the website (what was the last thing you looked at)

It allows us to do things like:

  • Show you adverts across social media like Facebook, or through Google's display advertising network.

We use this information simply to try and tweak our website to give you a better user experience – make sure pictures and information are in the right place, make sure our clients can find us when they need us, and ensure they get exactly what they came for.

You can read our full Cookie Policy here. 

2.0 Data

2.1          How we use your data

Most data collected anonymously via cookies is used in bulk to make sure our website is performing at its best for you and our other users – it’s about behaviour and how people use the site and doesn’t relate to you specifically.

2.2          Data you input into the website

Throughout there are a number of opportunities to contact us, request a call-back or begin the claims process. By giving us information such as your name, telephone number, email address and investment type, you are giving your consent to receive a phone call from our company, and to receive occasional marketing emails and contacts.

2.3          Data Protection

Any data you provide over the telephone is taken in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

At present, Get Claims Advice has no plans to sell your data to a 3rd party, and you will be notified of any changes to this effect with the option to “opt out” before any information is passed on.