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Another Firm Connected With The British Steel Pensions Scandal Liquidates


More claims are expected for mis-sold pension transfers away from the British Steel Pensions Scheme after Retirement & Pension Planning Services enters into liquidation. Based in Barnsley, Retirement & Pension Planning Services entered into an agreement with the UK financial services regulator back in December 2017, which mean they would STOP all pension transfer business, … Continued

Acklam Financial

Transferred Your British Steel Pension? Third Firm Pulls Out Of Giving Pension Advice


Acklam Financial, a firm that is known to have given advice to people over their British Steel pension, has stopped giving advice over defined benefits (DB) pensions. The Financial Conduct Authority (the UK’s financial watchdog) temporarily removed Acklams Financial’s permissions to advise on transfers that involved DB schemes, including things like British Steel pensions. In … Continued

number of unsuitable british steel pension transfers

Transferred your British Steel Pension? As many as 1in3 may have been mis-sold


Has your pension transfer away from BSPS put you at hidden risk? The Financial Conduct Authority has released some data from it’s urgently conducted check on financial advisers who advised British Steel Pension Scheme members about their pension, and the news doesn’t look great… Of the 129 cases the regulator has looked at so far, … Continued

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British Steel Pension Transfer worries roll into 2018


The saga seems far from over… Bartholomew Hawkins Stops Pension Transfers 21 firms ignore FCA training request Concerns surrounding the practices of some Financial Advisers about the transfer of British Steel Pensions into alternative, private schemes appear to be just as prevalent in the new year, as another IFA agrees to stop conducting transfers and … Continued

port talbot pension scam

“Feeding Frenzy” of financial advisers surround Port Talbot Steel Pensions


Channel 4 News reported from the scene as “Greedy” financial advisers try to cash-in on steel misery In a Channel 4 News report, some financial advisers were said to be being driven by “greed” as advisers from all over the country were “parachuting in” to aggressively advise on British Steel Pension transfers. Financial advisers can … Continued