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a wanted sign for carbon credits fraudsters

£2.4m carbon credits investment fraudster on the run


Now several years on from when Carbon Credits investments were being plugged by marketing firms and IFAs as the go-to green investment for savers, one fraudster is on the run from the London Police. Sami Raja from Essex was sentenced to eight years for his part in £2.4 million fraudulent Carbon Credits scheme in January … Continued

Mis-sold carbon credits pension claims

Liberty SIPP makes the news with more links to high-risk investments


SIPP pension provider Liberty SIPP is again ‘under fire’ over its links to high-risk and unregulated investments. Some SIPP companies allowed investments in alternative schemes, often based abroad and not regulated by the watchdogs at the FCA, including Liberty SIPP. Often linked to the Ethical Forestry situation, in which the Costa Rican forestry scheme entered … Continued

Carbon Credits Investment

High Court bans 3 directors of Carbon Credits Scheme


A total of 44 years worth of ban has been handed to the three former directors of Worldwide Commodity Partners Limited – a Carbon Credits investment scheme that was wound up back in may 2014. The Official Receiver of the Public Interest Unit decided that Lee John Thompson, Andrew Micheal Spiteri and Stephen Michael Leary … Continued