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dfm under fire

DFM Beaufort told to pay out over alternative investments that lost over £70k


The Financial Ombudsman told Beaufort Securities to pay a claim to one client who lost £71000 in high-risk investments as part of his DFM ran portfolio. Earlier in the year, Beaufort was asked by the Financial Conduct Authority to limit it’s permissions in regards to activities regarding DFMs. High-risk investments in DFMs Discretionary Fund Managers … Continued

Should I trust my financial adviser?

Should I trust my financial adviser about my pension? A 4-point checklist


The UK financial services market is as wonderful as it is complex, and fortunately features some of the best Independent Financial Advisers in the world to help those seeking good advice to ensure they are doing the best thing for their money, whether that be their pension, mortgage or savings. But no market is perfect, … Continued

Mis-sold pension investment

I’ve lost my pension to a bad investment: Fight or flight? The choice is yours.


Fight or Flight with your mis-sold pension investments Losing your pension through a bad or even fraudulent investment is a terrifying experience, filled with its own special brand of heartache and worry about your future financial position. Worse than that, it happens all the time too! Despite the fantastic efforts of the Financial Conduct Authority … Continued