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Mis-sold carbon credits pension claims

Liberty SIPP makes the news with more links to high-risk investments


SIPP pension provider Liberty SIPP is again ‘under fire’ over its links to high-risk and unregulated investments. Some SIPP companies allowed investments in alternative schemes, often based abroad and not regulated by the watchdogs at the FCA, including Liberty SIPP. Often linked to the Ethical Forestry situation, in which the Costa Rican forestry scheme entered … Continued

New Ethical Forestry letter: Investment limbo and HURRICANE worries cast further doubt over investor’s money


A new letter dated 28th November from Ethical Forestry liquidators HJS Recovery has told investors that they are still no closer to reaching a solution. Shane Biddlecombe, Joint Liquidator over the troubled and unregulated forestry scheme explained yet another lengthy gap in correspondence with investors, stating that he did not have “anything of any substance … Continued

Radio 4 make Ethical Forestry investment focal point of Money Box show


Troubled Ethical Forestry investments has once again hit the headlines, this time as a main feature on Radio 4’s “Money Box” segment, this time releasing further detail about the problems faced by over 3000 Ethical Forestry investors. Within the segment (itself over 10 minutes long), listeners heard from investors as well as the investigative journalist … Continued

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