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The only people happier than the Get Claims Advice team are some of our clients who’ve claimed back tens of thousands from mis-sold SIPPs, pensions and investments. Some were even so happy they decided to tell their stories in the hope that others like them won’t look at their pension situation and despair – they’ll take action and use Get Claims Advice to get their money back and re-secure their retirement!

Name: Anthony O.

Age: 55

Pension: SIPP pension, with one large investment in a land scheme in the South of England

Anthony was advised to invest his pension money in a high-risk and unregulated land-banking scheme in the South of England, and was not told by the marketing firm and the adviser that it was a unsuitable investment for him, his risk profile and circumstances. Get Claims Advice proved otherwise, and Anthony’s case was awarded a figure that’s saved his retirement and really put the smile back on his face!

Total Claim Value^: £158,112.45

Name: Roy B.

Age: 56

Pension: Two unregulated investments in both a Forestry Scheme and a Student Halls Scheme

Roy invested in both a Forestry Scheme and Student Halls, both promising great returns, however he was mis-sold both his investments. They were unregulated, and Roy wasn’t suitable for either. The twist came when Roy tried to get help from the FSCS, but had his claim rejected – an issue he puts down to the complexity of the forms. Finally, Roy came to Get Claims Advice to get his money back, and that’s exactly what we did!

Total Claim Value^: £48,906.23

Roy’s Story…

Roy explains what happened to his pension, and how the team from Get Claims Advice became his Mis-Sold SIPP Superheroes


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^Calculated before the deduction of our Success Fees, charged at 24% (Inclusive of VAT)