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Mis-sold Pension and SIPP Claim Specialists

Get Claims Advice Ltd have a team of specialists dealing with Mis-sold Pensions, Investments and Mortgages, working hard to claim back money on behalf of our clients.

If you know or suspect that you have lost money as a result of unsuitable advice or if you have suffered from a Mis-sold Pension or Investment product, we may be able to help recover your losses, fees and charges from the Bank or Financial Adviser and we'll also apply statutory interest where applicable to help you further!

Knowledge. Experience. Strategy.

We have a proven track record in being awarded compensation for our clients. Not only are we tough as nails with the people who mis-sold to our clients when needed, our strategies are designed to achieve a successful outcome with one or more of the following claims:

The starting point is often to submit a compliant to the adviser. The adviser has 8 weeks to uphold or reject our compliant.

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If the Adviser rejects the complaint we may make a claim for financial compensation to the Financial Ombudsman.

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If the Adviser is no longer trading we may still make a claim to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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Who We Are:

Get Claims Advice Ltd have a crack team of financial claims specialists with the knowledge, skill and strategy to professionally handle SIPP claims, pension claims, investment claims and mortgage claims.

We believe that investors and savers should not have to suffer from receiving bad advice that was supposed to be of a professional standard, with all the integrity that should come with it. Many of the investors and pension savers we deal with were doing just fine before a marketing company or Financial Adviser told them to alter their arrangements and invest in something high-risk, often posing it as something quite safe and normal, while lining their own pockets in the process.

We work hard to help investors understand just what has happened to their money, and how we can help recover it either from the IFA who sold the investment to them, or through independent bodies such as the FSCS or FOS.

If you have been advised by a financial adviser to put money where you shouldn't have, then Get Claims Advice Ltd may be YOUR claims company, and in that case we promise to work our socks off for you to recover as much compensation as possible on your behalf, turning your financial situation into something better, and your future outlook a little brighter for it.

We've developed a tough skin for dealing with IFAs and government bodies when needed, but reserve a soft-touch for our clients - after all, its THEIR finances that have suffered, and they should have good access to the compensation that we feel they deserve, and somebody with the know-how to fight their corner effectively.

Claims Professionals

Experienced Team

Motivated By Justice For You

Where We Are:

We have to admit something... we are a little...


We're based in Greater Manchester, or as we like to think of it - the Capital Of The North! But don't let our practically polar location worry you - we maintain lines of communication to important organisations, including the FSCS, FOS and other big players like us, all helping us get the job done as best we can!

A little bit Northern

In The Community

We believe success tastes better when it's shared with the community, so we spend a fair bit of time trying to make Bolton be the best it can, Read More>

What We Do:

Sticking to boring old English, you could say that we "assess and then facilitate the often difficult and complex process of placing financial claims on behalf of clients in order for them to be awarded the compensation they deserve", which is a very long way of saying "we get your money back for a mis-sold Investment"!

Our niche experience and knowledge of the claims system and it's legalities means we know just how to process each claim for our clients, and we've now claimed back over £37 MILLION* on behalf of our clients as of June 5th 2018 - not bad, eh?

You could say that we fight for compensation, but we feel that we're fighting for justice.

Either way, the result is often the same - happy clients who have received the compensation they deserve without paying a penny upfront, all on a No Win - No Fee* basis and are now enjoying a better life with a little less financial worry, and that makes US happy too!

**No Win - No Fee: Your claim is pursued by Get Claims Advice on your behalf with no up-front fees. In the event of a successful claim, our success fee is charged at 24% inclusive of VAT, of any monies awarded. 14 Day “cooling-off” period, after which a cancellation fee is applicable. See Terms of Business for full details.

**Gross value calculated before the deduction of our Fee of 24% Inclusive of VAT

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