Final Salary Pension Transfer Claims

Were you mis-sold a final salary pension transfer?

As the pension mis-selling scandal rumbles on, more and more people are questioning the advice they received over their final salary pension transfer.

£Millions are paid out every year in compensation through claims for negligent final salary pension transfer advice, after people realise that the move was not in their best interests and could have been avoided if they had been given suitable financial advice.

Get Claims Advice Ltd are specialists in mis-sold pension claims, including ones that involve Final Salary and other Defined Benefit pension transfers.

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Final Salary pension transfer claims explained


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What are final salary pension transfer claims?

Good question…

Over the last 15 years, tens of thousands of people were persuaded to transfer valuable final salary pensions away from their current or former companies, and into often riskier personal pensions.

For some, this may have been the right decision (people with a shortened life expectancy, or with no dependants or family members, may be examples of people who might be considered suitable for a final salary transfer).

BUT, many people have been given negligent financial advice to transfer their final salary or other type of Defined Benefit pension.

This is because of some advisers not following the rules, and also because of the huge fees that a financial adviser can charge for giving final salary advice, or the big commissions they can receive from giving other pension companies business.

Historically high transfer valuations (CETV) haven’t helped either, making it easier for advisers to convince pension holders that they’d get more money in retirement if they transfer, often without explaining the risks.

Why is transferring a final salary pension bad?

Well, that’s not necessarily true!

For some people, in certain situations, it could be a good move.

But these situations are quite rare, and its the job of a financial adviser to determine whether it is right for you and your circumstances – that’s why they sometimes take such big fees.

People moving away from a Final Salary Pension are often not told that they are unable to return to the scheme, and that they may be losing some of the following valuable and often irreplaceable benefits:

  • Guaranteed income in retirement
  • Index-linked, which often helps keep pace with inflation
  • Death Benefits that often allow your spouse a large portion of your pension if you die
  • No fees or charges to operate

…and by transferring, the pension holder may get:

  • A greater risk of losing money through stock-market fluctuations or high-risk investments
  • Different death benefits, or none at all.
  • To pay operating fees and charges

Can you make a claim?

If you transferred a final salary pension, or away from any other type of defined benefits pension, then you may have been mis-sold.

Transfers are rarely considered suitable when advisers follow the rules, and it is believed that many people have had their retirements put at risk.

Our team of financial mis-selling claim specialists can help you find out if you can make a claim – just get in touch for a FREE initial assessment.

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Pension advice is often complicated, and bespoke to each individual. But our specialist claims assessors at Get Claims Advice can help you find out if you can make a claim for a mis-sold Final Salary Pension Transfer. Just get in touch for a FREE Initial Assessment.