Mis-Sold Pension Claims

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Part of the nation-wide problem with the pension mis-selling is that tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people don’t even know that they have been mis-sold; they’ve simply never thought about it!

To help combat this, the mis-sold pension claim specialists at Get Claims Advice off a FREE Initial Assessment to check for signs of pension mis-selling.

There’s no obligation and no charge for our initial assessments, so there’s no reason not to get in touch – you could be eligible to make a claim!

The pension mis-selling scandal

Many people in the financial services industry agree that the UK is currently suffering from a pension mis-selling crisis.

Over the last 10 to 15 years, hundreds-of-thousands of cold-calls were made to the general public, often from unregulated pension introducers and marketing firms offering free pension reviews.

While these companies often appeared knowledgeable and unbiased, many were in bed with high-risk pension investment companies and pension providers, who would pay the marketing companies big commissions

for transferring people’s pensions to these schemes.


But while these transfers were made to sound great, they were often not in the pension holder’s best interests. Many people gave up rare and valuable Final Salary Pensions in favour of high-risk pension arrangements, as well as moving pension from other less-risky positions to ones that could cause a serious or total loss.

In many cases, a few years would pass before the pension investments collapsed, or the new

pension administrators became insolvent, meaning that people lost their pensions, sometimes worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

More Mis-selling

Other aspects of pensions have been mis-sold too, such as annuity mis-selling.

All these things have had a profound effect on people’s quality of life, both on their future retirement prospects, and in the present life as they live with the knowledge that their money has been lost.

Fighting back with a mis-sold pension claim

For many, the way to fight back against a mis-sold pension has been with a claim for negligence.

Many of these pension transfers, SIPP investments and mis-sold annuties involved a financial adviser – a firm or individual that was regulated by the watchdogs at the FCA, and should have known better than to recommend the move or investment.

Thousands received negligent financial advice over their mis-sold pension, and may be able to make a claim to help recover some, or in other cases all of their pension.

For those that want to make a claim with knowledge, experience and a proven strategy, all on a No Win – No Fee* basis, there is Get Claims Advice Ltd.