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Mis-sold Pension Stories: Anthony and the Unregulated Land Bank


While we consider every claim for a mis-sold pension compensation for our clients a good moment (and that’s almost everyday anyway), some days are a little better than others. Like just last week, when we helped Anthony win back his SIPP pension investment from a high-risk and unregulated land-banking scheme, with a direct claim totaling … Continued

Get Claims Advice TV Documentary

Get Claims Advice appear on ITV Tonight


Finally, the mainstream media has started to pick up on the huge issues within the pensions industry; pension mis-selling. People now have much more freedom to cash in their pensions at the age of 55, and this has triggered an increase in some unscrupulous companies getting their hands on people’s pension pots and investing them … Continued

FSCS Levy Hikes for SIPP Providers to help pay for those mis-sold under fire from industry


Suggestions that SIPP providers should pay more into the Financial Services Compensation Scheme pot, which helps compensate those who have suffered financial from things like bad advice, has been criticised by the Association of Member-Directed Pension Schemes. What is the Financial Services Compensation Scheme? The FSCS takes a levy from firms regulated by the Financial Conduct … Continued

Are SIPP providers about to topple

4 SIPP providers fail FCA’s new rules on Capital Adequacy; what next?


Four regulated providers of Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) have failed the Financial Conduct Authority’s new rules regarding Capital Adequacy, it has been revealed through a Freedom of Information request from New Model Adviser. The rules laid out by the financial services regulator, the FCA, became legitimate on 1 September 2016, and mean that those providers … Continued