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£197m: the cost of investment scams in 2018


The Financial Conduct Authority’s Action Fraud team has released a figure for the amount of money lost to investment scams in 2018: a staggering £197m. On average, each scam victim in 2019 lost £29,000. What does an investment scam look like? The recent findings came were extra information: investment scams are changing, and usually involved … Continued

The FOS has seen a 27% rise in SIPP complaints

27%: Ombudsman sees rise in SIPP complaints for last quarter


The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has recorded another jump in complaints about SIPP pensions in the quarter leading to December 2018, new figures show. The 27% per cent increase saw complaints rise from 777 in the previous quarter, up to 1,029 complaints leading to December. SIPP mis-selling in the press While the SIPP mis-selling scandal … Continued

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Consumer Wealth Ltd goes into liquidation


Consumer Wealth Ltd, a financial advice firm that was facing 13 complaints via the Financial Ombudsman, has gone into liquidation. The firm went into a solvent liquidation back on the 14 January 2019 with RMS as liquidator. Complaints to the FOS The Financial Ombudsman Service, which is there to settle disputes between consumers and financial … Continued

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FSCS to acquire £175m for compensation in 2019


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme which pays consumers compensation when regulated companies can’t (either because they have no money, or no-longer exist), is set to levy £175m in 2019 from financial advisers. All FCA regulated companies pay a levy to the FSCS, helping to ensure there is always a pot of money there to pay … Continued

25 percent

SIPP pension claims expected to rise 25% in 2019


The FSCS has said that it expects claims relating to SIPP pensions to rise by another 25% in 2019, with more firms being declared in default by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Often called ‘the lifeboat scheme’, the FSCS pays compensation to consumers that have lost money due to bad practices when the wrongful party … Continued

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1,400 Beaufort clients still waiting for compensation


The FSCS has released figures that show another 754 former clients of collapsed Beaufort Securities have been paid compensation, while another 1,400 clients who ‘still require compensation’ are in waiting. That makes it 16,100 former Beaufort Securities clients who have received compensation since the firm went under, following an undercover FBI sting. Why are Beaufort … Continued

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The Times reports on Pension Mis-Selling Scandal


The pension mis-selling scandal is now finally making headline news with mainstream media companies, with The Times dedicating a large segment to the issue of mis-sold SIPP pensions and high-risk investments. The article focused on how thousands of pension savers were persuaded by unregulated marketing companies and financial advisers to transfer to SIPP pensions, and … Continued

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British Steel Pensions: No special treatment from FSCS


There will be no ‘special treatment’ for offers of compensation to those mis-sold their British Steel pension transfer from the FSCS, it has been revealed. British Steel Pension Scheme members were given choices over what happens to their pension following the closure of the scheme, and many people received negligent advice to transfer their pension. … Continued

two minds sharing information about pension transfers

Financial regulators to share information to combat mis-selling


The Pensions Regulator, which acts as a watchdog for workplace pension schemes, including valuable Defined Benefit pensions, has agree to share market intelligence with the Financial Conduct Authority. While remaining separate, the FCA may well gain vital intelligence about the movement of final salary pensions out of the market, which could prove useful as it … Continued

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Adviser invested 90% of client’s pension into high-risk Harlequin


Even in 2019, we’re STILL seeing claims made for negligent advice and actions leading to investments in high-risk hotel scheme Harlequin Properties. The financial adviser in question, Professional Intermediary Introducers based in Wales provided advice through their appointed representative to Mrs P in 2011. The advice resulted in Mrs P transferring her £110,000 personal pension … Continued

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