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Leah Matthews

Case Manager


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Get Claims Advice are a claims management company. You can do the claim yourself directly to the adviser or pension company for no charge. You can also approach the Financial Ombudsman Service and Financial Services Compensation Scheme for free if you wish for them to review your case, providing you have approached the adviser or pension provider first, and it falls within their remit.

Leah Matthews

Role: Case Manager

Leah is tenacious when it comes to putting forward strong cases for her clients, utilising her up-to-date knowledge of legal systems and her ongoing Paralegal course where applicable.

Friendly and happy to talk clients through some of the more complex aspects of potential claims, Leah is a strong asset to the team.

Qualifications Attained:

– Law LLM 2:1 (Hons) – University of Liverpool

Ongoing Qualifications:

Graduate Fast Track Chartered Legal Executive Paralegal Course – CILEx

Greatest Achievement at Get Claims Advice:

Claiming back thousands for my clients and starting my chartered legal executive course.  

Greatest Personal Achievement:

Passing my driving test finally after failing 6 times. 

Case Studies

Mr B

  • Took client on board September 2019 after he responded to our Armed Forces Advertisement On Facebook
  • He was advised to transfer his Armed Forces Final Salary Pension in 2015, losing out on guaranteed benefits
  • Client had a low attitude to risk and low capacity of loss, the transfer was not in his best interest
  • After submitting his claim to the FSCS at the end of October 2019 he then received his Offer for compensation in April 2020
  • He received the full £50,000 and is extremely happy with the outcome

Mr P

  • Took the client on board in May 2018 after a conversation with a member of our team he realised that he had been potentially mis-sold
  • Client transferred 3 of his personal pensions into a SIPP after receiving advice from Investaco Ltd in 2013
  • Despite having no previous investment experience he was directed towards high risk Investments, one example being Dolphin Capital
  • His claim was submitted to the FSCS in October 2018
  • In April 2019 client received his first offer of £1,239.42, a month later he received a top up payment that took into account his investment into UK Renewable
  • A further claim was then submitted to the FSCS against a second advisor involved with client’s transfer- The Mortgage Shop. The client was awarded £50,000 in April 2020

Mrs K

  • Took client on board in March 2018, after being contacted by one of our sales team
  • Client was advised by Interestme Financial Planning (IMFP)  to transfer her previous personal pension into a SIPP. She had a low attitude to risk and low capacity for loss.
  • Her claim was submitted directly to IMFP in January 2019. The claim was rejected and referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service
  • In June 2019 an Adjudicator from FOS found in favour of the client
  • IMFP then agreed to pay the client compensation following this decision
  • The client has now been compensated for her losses and is very happy