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North West Landfill Investments

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The North West Land Fill investment was to take investor capital (with some from pensions), and invest it in a waste recovery plant, in relation to GDCV Investments as Project Manager.

Now it’s in liquidation.

In an update from the firm’s appointed liquidator in Feb 2017, negotiations with the Golf Club based site for the waste recovery plant fell through. With no alternative location set out, the £784,000 raised for the scheme were distributed in another fashion, with £500,000 loaned to “four entities” with a common director or company secretary, while the remaining £284,000 funds were used to “settle professional fees relating to the initial phase of the scheme, including commission paid to financial advisers that “assisted in obtaining the funds”.

Timeline of events: North West Landfill

2011 - Formation

In August 2011, Northwest Landfill was created.

2015 - Winding Up

Just over 4 years later, the company started to wind up, despite taking money on board.

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