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The Lifetime SIPP Company

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The Lifetime SIPP has now entered into administration, which means the company is no-longer taking on new business.

If you were persuaded to invest your pension through a Lifetime SIPP, you may have been mis-sold.

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Some Lifetime SIPP accounts are known to have contained high-risk investments in the past, such as overseas property investments, CFDs and portfolios containing high-risk corporate bonds.

These investments are not suitable for everyone, but often pay high-commissions to those that sell them. Many of these types of investments are now valued at £Zero.

Many people found themselves transferring their pension to a SIPP after receiving a cold-call about their pension, offering a free pension review.

Timeline of events: Lifetime SIPP Company

1989 - Company Formed

The Lifetime SIPP Company Ltd starts out life as Searchlong Limited, and was called Hartley SAS Ltd until 2007. 1989 was the same yeah that SIPP pensions were introduced.

2014 - Harlequin Property

By 2014, The Lifetime SIPP company was embroiled in the Harlequin Properties mis-selling scandal. It is quoted as having the second highest holdings in Harlequin, and despite investors losing hundreds of thousands through the investment, it was set to earn big bucks in SIPP administration fees

2018 - March Administration

Lifetime going into administration brought about the news that it was facing 40 Ombudsman claims, and still had around 4000 clients.

2018 - Claims

With some pensions being transferred out to Hartley SAS, the pensions left with Lifetime may have been left behind because they contain high-risk and illiquid assets.

For people stuck in this situation, it could be that they can make a claim for having been mis-sold in the first place.

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We’ve been round the block a bit when it comes to SIPP claims, and recovered over £38million* for our clients in the process

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What sort of risky investments were in Lifetime?

The list was getting quite long, some of which are listed on our investment page.
While not every investment in The Lifetime SIPPs was high-risk, some of the risky ones appear to have been mis-sold to people who wern’t the following, and who may be able to claim:


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