Mis-Sold Investments

A mis-sold investment can be like a disease in your finances.

 But if YOU took financial advice that led you to make the mis-sold investment, you may be able to cure it by making a claim for your losses and the risk you were exposed to.

We may be able to help you with that...

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How Mis-Sold Investment Claims Work with Get Claims Advice

How Investment Mis-Selling Happens

It doesn't matter too much HOW you ended up investing, whether that's like most of our clients (through a SIPP: Self-Invested Personal Pension) or through a SSAS or Investment ISA, ALL investments carry a degree of risk - after all, you're giving your money to somebody else!

But some investments expose your money to more risk than others, and it's the job of your Financial Adviser (IFA) to make sure that you aren't biting off more than you can chew. But what if they get it wrong? 

Mis-sold Investments are often the product of a financial adviser's negligence when advising you, and occasionally greed comes into it too - some high-risk investments offer big commissions to IFAs that give them the 'green-light'!

If you invested in high-risk products, and: 

  • Didn't want to take big risks with your investments
  • Aren't a High Net-Worth Individual (Earn over £100k or have £250k of investable assets)
  • Aren't a Sophisticated Investor

...Then your financial adviser may be negligent if they advised your invest your money or pension into things like:

Overseas Investments

Hotels, Houses, Forestry, Plantations... LEARN MORE>

Green-belt or brown-field land waiting for planning permission LEARN MORE>

Storage Units for renting out LEARN MORE>

Parking spaces at airports and town centres LEARN MORE>

How To Make A Claim For A Mis-Sold Investment

Need help with your mis-sold investment claim? Over the last few years, over a thousand clients have chosen Get Claims Advice Ltd to handle their claim, and we've gone on to recover £Millions from mis-sold investments on their behalf in our fight for justice.

We like to make sure our process is streamlined, efficient and as easy to understand as we can make it, with our team of specialist case handlers taking on all the paperwork involved and explaining what's going on to our clients in as jargon-light way as possible. 

It doesn't matter if your claim needs to be directed towards your old financial adviser, the Financial Ombudsman Service or the FSCS, our team has the knowledge, experience and strategy to help your claim reach completion. 

Every claim we've ever won started with a FREE initial assessment, where we chat about the background to your case to see if you can claim, with no-obligation: just a professional opinion and maybe an offer to continue on a No Win - No Fee* basis.






*No Win - No Fee: Your claim is pursued by Get Claims Advice on your behalf with no up-front fees. In the event of a successful claim, our success fee is charged at 24% inclusive of VAT, of any monies awarded. 14 Day “cooling-off” period, after which a cancellation fee is applicable. See Terms of Business for full details.