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Many of the Financial Advisers who mis-sell pensions, investments and mortgages may do so either out of negligence or out or greed – sometimes a little of both – and the team of specialist Claims Handlers at Get Claims Advice are on a mission to make both a thing of the past, leaving a fairer and more transparent industry.

If you are looking to take action against your financial adviser over a mis-sold pension, SIPP, mortgage or investment, our team are on stand-by for your FREE, No Obligation Initial Assessment to see if you can use our knowledge, experience and strategy to try for a slice of justice!

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Making claims for negligent financial advice

While most financial advisers have the training and qualifications to give good advice, and the FCA authorisation to do so, it doesn’t mean they can’t get it wrong.

Every year, people all over the UK receive negligent financial advice, which can lead to lost opportunities, or even lost pensions and investments – not good!

Sometimes this is down to incompetence, laziness, shortsightedness or even greed, as financial advisers eye up the big transfer fees and hidden commission payments often available, especially when transferring from Final Salary Schemes, or recommending high risk investments.

Claims against negligent financial advice are a way to fight back, holding negligent advisers accountable and awarded compensation to deserving claims.

Get Claims Advice Ltd are specialists in making claims for negligent financial advice, especially mis-sold pensions, SIPPs and investments, for which we’ve recovered a combined total well into the tens-of-millions of pounds for our clients.

We operate on a no upfront cost basis, which means no money upfront for our clients in their quest for justice.

Our clients get their claim investigated and put together with knowledge, experience and a proven strategy, whether that claim is heading to the adviser, a provider, the Ombudsman or the FSCS – we treat every claim with the respect it deserves.

It all starts with a FREE Initial Assessment just get in touch using a callback form– and we’ll guide you through a few questions to see if you can make a claim for negligent financial advice!

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